Celebrating Over 20 Years of Administrative Excellence!

Since 1989, Vision Financial has distinguished itself as a complete outsourcing solution in the field of voluntary benefit administration. Our administration enables a company to enter the voluntary benefits market with minimal initial investment, resulting in customized technology and superior customer service. As a licensed and bonded Third Party Administrator, Vision has experience providing administrative services to over 228,000 policy holders and 1960+ employers.

Vision's unique Combined Billing Network System allows us to consolidate numerous products into a single bill, using only one payroll deduction slot. This simplifies the payroll deduction process and reduces the amount of time spent on administering voluntary benefits.

Vision has invested in a completely new integrated application system that will enable us to provide voluntary administrative services much more efficiently. In addition, the new system will enable Vision to expand its services beyond Voluntary Benefits as a Business Process Outsource (BPO) for closed blocks of business, and as an Administrative Service Provider (“ASP”).

"ASP" is for those customers who wish to outsource some of their administration but also desire to utilize their own staff for certain functions. In this case the customer's staff are trained to use the functionality of Vision's system but are able to work remotely from their own offices.