How we help Insurance Carriers

Working with Vision Financial (now Selman & Company) as a Third Party Administrator allows an Insurance Carrier to enter the voluntary benefits market quickly -- with a known cost of administration -- thanks to our proven systems, flexibility, professionalism and efficiency.

Because we have decades of experience and an exclusive focus on voluntary benefits, carriers will gain instant credibility with brokers and enrollment firms.

Carriers can also benefit from support from us with Department of Insurance compliance & product filing in all 50 U.S. States, and from our ability to offer flexible, cost-efficient ASP/outsourcing if desired.

"After a careful search, we chose Vision (now Selman & Company) because of their significant experience in the worksite marketplace, their leading edge technology, and their flexibility. ...Your team provides superior service and goes above and beyond to provide us with business solutions. Our experience has been top-shelf, and we would recommend you to anyone."

McClure King, Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Co.

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