Voluntary Benefits Administration

From sales & marketing support, to underwriting & policy issue, to billing, commissions and exemplary policyholder service, Vision has offered full-service administration of voluntary benefits programs for over 25 years.

You focus on what you do best:

As a carrier, you create and market voluntary benefits products that people will want for protection and security in their lives. As a broker, your job is to offer and explain benefit products and services that will be helpful to your clients and their employees/members. As an enrollment firm, you are an expert at helping employees/members make smart decisions about their voluntary benefits.

You can count on Vision Financial.

Our job, as your Voluntary Benefits Administrator, is to manage back-office support with the same commitment to quality, precision and reliability that you deliver every day. We can help you with product filings with State Departments of Insurance. We'll issue the policies, handle all billing and payroll deduction programs, pay commissions and claims promptly. And with an eye toward representing you and your brand proudly, we'll be there for your policyholders when they have questions or need customer service. 

"I've been using Vision's Combined Billing Service for over fifteen years -- and my clients really, really appreciate the convenience."

Louis Rich, Louis Rich Insurance

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