VZ-remit™ easy-payment option

There’s no question that today’s voluntary benefit programs are great for your employees or association members. They let each individual choose and pay for the benefits that are most important to their personal situation — at special rates because of their affiliation with your organization. The problem is, accounting and paying for voluntary benefits (with multiple bills from multiple carriers) can be a huge hassle. Unless you work with Vision Financial, that is.

Combined Billing saves time and trouble.

With Vision Financial as your Third-Party Administrator (TPA), voluntary premium reconciliation and remittance is simple. Our Combined Billing Service allows us to consolidate multiple carriers' products into a single bill, using one or multiple payroll deduction slots (your choice). 

VZ-remit™ makes it easy to remit.

Our VZ-remit™ easy-payment option is the simplest way to handle premium payments for all of your employees' or members' voluntary benefits.

  • - Once a month or after each pay period (your choice), you simply download a current payroll register and securely transmit it to us.
  • - You also send us a single check (or ACH) for the total of all premium deductions.
  • - We’ll do the rest — reconciling the total payroll deductions and sending premium payments to the individual carriers. 
  • - Each week, we’ll send you any necessary changes to each individual’s payroll deduction amount. You just need to update your payroll system with these changes.

It’s that simple!

To learn more about Vision Financial’s exclusive Combined Billing Service and VZ-remit™, call us at 800.793.0223.  You can also click here to download a flyer you can use to describe to program to your clients.

"I've been using Vision's Combined Billing Service for over fifteen years -- and my clients really, really appreciate the convenience."

Louis Rich, Louis Rich Insurance

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